Thursday, March 29, 2012

Outside Patio Redo For Spring

Hello there!  I have been under the weather for a little while, but feeling much better.  The weather here in the South has been really beautiful.  Everything is so new, lush and green - God is good! His signature is in everything beautiful.

 I have been busy spring cleaning my small back porch (boy, did it need it after all the seeds, etc. falling-Yuk!).  I was thinking about buying a new patio set (w/o the table), but decided to use what I had and add some cushions I had " in my stash" that my daughter-in-law, Mikki, gave me a couple years ago for a home I was "staging".   I rearranged the swing and planted a little flowers (I mean, just a little...because my back protests very loudly)  :( :(

I am working on adding a few other decorative items out there....check back to see what I come up with....trying to see what I can do with what I have and no spending!!  Well....., Shush...maybe just a little? :)  (Save for vacation maybe?)  I just love sitting out here in the morning having my coffee and hearing the birds sing. The thing is, I get soooo sleepy after all that fresh air, this girl has to have a nap ( a luxury to be sure).  

I wonder how long the log rack will be here???  Hopefully, hubby will remove it sooooon so I will have more room...(lol)  This will be an ongoing project for a couple more weeks or until the temperature reaches above 90 degrees or so -Ugh!  It has cooled here somewhat; I believe temp is in the upper 70's today with drizzle (great for flowers and grass).  

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day.  

"Before": (As you can see...a lot of things still need to be removed- box, old wind chimes,   old rugs,
and logs) (I hope hubby reads this- lol)

"Before": Opposite brick wall.

"Before":  (Don't look at "thingys" (my favorite word lately) out there in the back corner of the yard.  This is our burn corner - yuk!  I am working on something to "hide" this area hopefully - we'll see.  Also need to work on clearing "thingys" off the front patio of hubby's shed - old dog house, shelves, etc.  Also, that cover on the grill was the old swing cover I could not save.... sigh......  

BEFORE -lovely wood pile.

"After":  Moved the swing over to the brick wall , added new cushions and picture which I just fell in luv with!

"After":   Ahh!  I can see the ocean!!  Great Goodwill find!!
Sorry, I know it's a little crooked...photographer was a little off that day. :) :) :)  (Really, most days lately -lol)

"After":  Added this green bubble vase for centerpiece with silk flowers.   I did add some sand to the bottom so the wind would not take it away.   I will add more pics of chairs with cushions later.  

One view from the back covered patio.  The cushions I added are the same beautiful color!  Also incorporating different variations of pink, yellow and black.  

I will be adding more pics of updated patio with curtains maybe??  Hope you see something to inspire you.  Please come back and visit often and feel free to add any comments you may have - I'd love to hear from you.

Blessings,  Carol

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Secluded Garden Office Update

Hi friends,

Thought I would "blog" a little today....well, the sun finally came out today around 1pm.  Hope everyone is safe from all the storms yesterday.   A few more updates of office below.  Almost done.  Just a few more things to do.... will keep you posted.   Have a great day everyone and come back soon.

Comanchee, how did you get in here again?  You are such a ham.

Mr. & Mrs. Hoot before paint.  Found these at WalMart on the sale isle (cheap-cheap) or should I say HOO HOO?
(I know, some days I'm a little "spacey" should I say?  :) :) :)  This is so much fun.

Birdcage from Ross before paint (was an olive green color)

Getting ready to spray paint antique gold (Valspar spray paint)

After spraying with antique gold paint (will match my little antique gold table it will set on).

Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Hoot after white paint.

Update of Secluded Garden Office.

Mr. & Mrs. Hoot (Mrs. Hoot put Mr. Hoot in the cage - he wasn't very good today)
 Please come back soon and feel free to share my blog with all your friends.

Blessings,  Carol

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Favorite Thing - Beach

Hi everyone.  Well, today is a very rainy and stormy day.  I pray everyone will be safe from all these spring storms.  I know, it's not summer yet....but can't a girl wish?   Here are some pics (favorite things) from The Outer Banks, N.C. (Cape Hatteras) last year.  Hope you enjoy.

Our baby "Comanchee" on the beach.


Kite Surfing (not us) :)  

Saturday, March 17, 2012


As promised, here are a few pics of some things I have done in my new "Secluded Garden" office.  See I have been working....  :)

Painted base of old lamp same color as blue wall. (Which by the way, was called "Secluded Garden" by Valspar)

This cloche was transformed from an antique one with roses.  

Couldn't resist this - from Ross.  Think I will add real flower pots  into base.

OK - The final is my inspiration piece on the wall!  Luv, Luv, Luv it.  It is huge!  Picture was ordered on line through Kirklands.  They have this on display at the Kirkland's store on Youree Drive in Shreveport, La.  This is pic without chandelier in the corner.  Will post pic later that includes chandelier.

A butterfly candle shade I've had for a while....going to find a home for this in this space!

Closer look at the iron plant stand from Ross with faucets....cute huh?

This is the antique table I rescued from hubby's work shed.  He was using it for a saw table!!  Wasn't in very good condition, but with a little sanding and furniture polish - it looked great.  I wanted a "garden" look anyway.

Table with a little TLC.

This cloche was taken from the original one below.  Hubby loosened the glue around the base of glass (which I tried, but could not do) I believe he used a little hot water and elbow grease - carefully.  I still have the musical base and silk flowers and plan to create something with it eventually.  Will let you know.

Here it is...flea market find for $3.00!  You can't tell it, but the glass on the inside was aweful  - you couldn't hardly see through it!  But where there is a will - there is a way.... thought it turned out well.

Believe it or not.....these are two wall sconces I had in my "stash" and was holding them one day together and said,"Wow, these look like a chandelier!  With hubby's help, we wired them together and spray painted wire with and chain with an antique gold paint, added chain and hug it from the ceiling.  I had these shades on another chandelier I wasn't using.  Turned them upside down and placed them on the candle holders.  Not too bad....but after my rug came in, I decided to incorporate the "french" writing on them.

With French script - I did these with a black permanent Sharpie.  (I hand copied from Ballards rug on the floor) - not perfect, and I hope no one can speak French - because I really don't know what it says - and used words here and there- :)

Indoor/outdoor rug from Ballard's (on sale - Luv it)!   Am going to play with different ways to place it in the room.  Will post some more pics of entire room later.  My sis, Debbie, said I should have some kind of water never know.... keep checking back often!  Till then..  God Bless.


Hi everyone!  HAPPY ST. PAT'S DAY!  Hope you are enjoying this nice Saturday.  The trees are budding here in the South and dropping those famous little wormy seedy things (I call them) - can't wait till that's over so I can get outside and do something with my patio out back, but my sinuses say "don't go there yet".

As promised, I finally found the pics of the book covers I did out of scrap booking papers - Today is a good day - yea!!  My brain is actually working or maybe it's the computer...??
 I know most of you know how to cover a book, but here it tis for those who don't.  E-A-S-Y!

Pattern Pack of Scrap booking Papers from Walmart - all the amazing designs and colors are shown at the bottom there. (2 of each design/color).

Two pages I glued together (stick glue worked great!).

Turn over after gluing.

Lay book down and crease bottom top and side seams (this book was a 5 X 8).

Indention marks from book.

Fold along indention marks horizontally.

Lay book down and fold over leaving about 2-3" on end and cut.

How book should look at this point.  Then fold under edges to mark where to fold top and bottom.

Like this.

After folding cover - turn the front hard book page back and insert into book cover and then do the back.  And wha-la!  Pretty book covers in any design or color your heart desires!  I hope I explained this OK - working on my tutorial directions.....hope you can use this idea.  I'm ready to do more.  Books are such a great way to decorate!  Coffee tables, end tables, use to give height for a plant, etc.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easter Entryway Decor

Hey everyone!  Wanted to share my entryway decor for Easter.  I was looking at my Southern Lady Magazine one a.m. and saw a pic in the back (I believe it was an ad for "English Ivy") - it looked so much like Spring, so..... I love a challenge and tried to simulate it.  I didn't have to buy anything- but the limes.  I used a log my hubby had in his wood pile, and added some green moss to fill in around it.  One of my hurricanes from Willow House that I've had for quite a while and bunnies I've had for- ev- er.   I guess I went a little overboard, but I like to look at it - it makes me smile.  Oh, I almost forgot....the page in the picture frame is a page I pulled out from the very back of Southern Lady Magazine (an old issue - I keep them forever).  I painted an old pic frame white and wha-la!  The inspiration message was from Mother Theresa.  In case you can't read it - here it is..."Joy is prayer.  Joy is strength.  Joy is love.  Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls."  The sweet furry bunny actually looks like he is praying.  Luv it.  Hope you find something to inspire you.  Will post some other spring decor later.  Hope everyone has a wonderful blessed day!

This pic is with the white plates underneath log. Thought it looked a little crowded.

This one is w/o plates - you can see the beautiful green color a little more. What do ya think?

Green, Pink and White - says Spring - new beginnings!

Made some new book covers you may like...will post them soon with tutorial.. check back!