Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easter Entryway Decor

Hey everyone!  Wanted to share my entryway decor for Easter.  I was looking at my Southern Lady Magazine one a.m. and saw a pic in the back (I believe it was an ad for "English Ivy") - it looked so much like Spring, so..... I love a challenge and tried to simulate it.  I didn't have to buy anything- but the limes.  I used a log my hubby had in his wood pile, and added some green moss to fill in around it.  One of my hurricanes from Willow House that I've had for quite a while and bunnies I've had for- ev- er.   I guess I went a little overboard, but I like to look at it - it makes me smile.  Oh, I almost forgot....the page in the picture frame is a page I pulled out from the very back of Southern Lady Magazine (an old issue - I keep them forever).  I painted an old pic frame white and wha-la!  The inspiration message was from Mother Theresa.  In case you can't read it - here it is..."Joy is prayer.  Joy is strength.  Joy is love.  Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls."  The sweet furry bunny actually looks like he is praying.  Luv it.  Hope you find something to inspire you.  Will post some other spring decor later.  Hope everyone has a wonderful blessed day!

This pic is with the white plates underneath log. Thought it looked a little crowded.

This one is w/o plates - you can see the beautiful green color a little more. What do ya think?

Green, Pink and White - says Spring - new beginnings!

Made some new book covers you may like...will post them soon with tutorial.. check back!