Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hi everyone!  HAPPY ST. PAT'S DAY!  Hope you are enjoying this nice Saturday.  The trees are budding here in the South and dropping those famous little wormy seedy things (I call them) - can't wait till that's over so I can get outside and do something with my patio out back, but my sinuses say "don't go there yet".

As promised, I finally found the pics of the book covers I did out of scrap booking papers - Today is a good day - yea!!  My brain is actually working or maybe it's the computer...??
 I know most of you know how to cover a book, but here it tis for those who don't.  E-A-S-Y!

Pattern Pack of Scrap booking Papers from Walmart - all the amazing designs and colors are shown at the bottom there. (2 of each design/color).

Two pages I glued together (stick glue worked great!).

Turn over after gluing.

Lay book down and crease bottom top and side seams (this book was a 5 X 8).

Indention marks from book.

Fold along indention marks horizontally.

Lay book down and fold over leaving about 2-3" on end and cut.

How book should look at this point.  Then fold under edges to mark where to fold top and bottom.

Like this.

After folding cover - turn the front hard book page back and insert into book cover and then do the back.  And wha-la!  Pretty book covers in any design or color your heart desires!  I hope I explained this OK - working on my tutorial directions.....hope you can use this idea.  I'm ready to do more.  Books are such a great way to decorate!  Coffee tables, end tables, use to give height for a plant, etc.  Enjoy!