Thursday, March 29, 2012

Outside Patio Redo For Spring

Hello there!  I have been under the weather for a little while, but feeling much better.  The weather here in the South has been really beautiful.  Everything is so new, lush and green - God is good! His signature is in everything beautiful.

 I have been busy spring cleaning my small back porch (boy, did it need it after all the seeds, etc. falling-Yuk!).  I was thinking about buying a new patio set (w/o the table), but decided to use what I had and add some cushions I had " in my stash" that my daughter-in-law, Mikki, gave me a couple years ago for a home I was "staging".   I rearranged the swing and planted a little flowers (I mean, just a little...because my back protests very loudly)  :( :(

I am working on adding a few other decorative items out there....check back to see what I come up with....trying to see what I can do with what I have and no spending!!  Well....., Shush...maybe just a little? :)  (Save for vacation maybe?)  I just love sitting out here in the morning having my coffee and hearing the birds sing. The thing is, I get soooo sleepy after all that fresh air, this girl has to have a nap ( a luxury to be sure).  

I wonder how long the log rack will be here???  Hopefully, hubby will remove it sooooon so I will have more room...(lol)  This will be an ongoing project for a couple more weeks or until the temperature reaches above 90 degrees or so -Ugh!  It has cooled here somewhat; I believe temp is in the upper 70's today with drizzle (great for flowers and grass).  

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day.  

"Before": (As you can see...a lot of things still need to be removed- box, old wind chimes,   old rugs,
and logs) (I hope hubby reads this- lol)

"Before": Opposite brick wall.

"Before":  (Don't look at "thingys" (my favorite word lately) out there in the back corner of the yard.  This is our burn corner - yuk!  I am working on something to "hide" this area hopefully - we'll see.  Also need to work on clearing "thingys" off the front patio of hubby's shed - old dog house, shelves, etc.  Also, that cover on the grill was the old swing cover I could not save.... sigh......  

BEFORE -lovely wood pile.

"After":  Moved the swing over to the brick wall , added new cushions and picture which I just fell in luv with!

"After":   Ahh!  I can see the ocean!!  Great Goodwill find!!
Sorry, I know it's a little crooked...photographer was a little off that day. :) :) :)  (Really, most days lately -lol)

"After":  Added this green bubble vase for centerpiece with silk flowers.   I did add some sand to the bottom so the wind would not take it away.   I will add more pics of chairs with cushions later.  

One view from the back covered patio.  The cushions I added are the same beautiful color!  Also incorporating different variations of pink, yellow and black.  

I will be adding more pics of updated patio with curtains maybe??  Hope you see something to inspire you.  Please come back and visit often and feel free to add any comments you may have - I'd love to hear from you.

Blessings,  Carol