Saturday, March 17, 2012


As promised, here are a few pics of some things I have done in my new "Secluded Garden" office.  See I have been working....  :)

Painted base of old lamp same color as blue wall. (Which by the way, was called "Secluded Garden" by Valspar)

This cloche was transformed from an antique one with roses.  

Couldn't resist this - from Ross.  Think I will add real flower pots  into base.

OK - The final is my inspiration piece on the wall!  Luv, Luv, Luv it.  It is huge!  Picture was ordered on line through Kirklands.  They have this on display at the Kirkland's store on Youree Drive in Shreveport, La.  This is pic without chandelier in the corner.  Will post pic later that includes chandelier.

A butterfly candle shade I've had for a while....going to find a home for this in this space!

Closer look at the iron plant stand from Ross with faucets....cute huh?

This is the antique table I rescued from hubby's work shed.  He was using it for a saw table!!  Wasn't in very good condition, but with a little sanding and furniture polish - it looked great.  I wanted a "garden" look anyway.

Table with a little TLC.

This cloche was taken from the original one below.  Hubby loosened the glue around the base of glass (which I tried, but could not do) I believe he used a little hot water and elbow grease - carefully.  I still have the musical base and silk flowers and plan to create something with it eventually.  Will let you know.

Here it is...flea market find for $3.00!  You can't tell it, but the glass on the inside was aweful  - you couldn't hardly see through it!  But where there is a will - there is a way.... thought it turned out well.

Believe it or not.....these are two wall sconces I had in my "stash" and was holding them one day together and said,"Wow, these look like a chandelier!  With hubby's help, we wired them together and spray painted wire with and chain with an antique gold paint, added chain and hug it from the ceiling.  I had these shades on another chandelier I wasn't using.  Turned them upside down and placed them on the candle holders.  Not too bad....but after my rug came in, I decided to incorporate the "french" writing on them.

With French script - I did these with a black permanent Sharpie.  (I hand copied from Ballards rug on the floor) - not perfect, and I hope no one can speak French - because I really don't know what it says - and used words here and there- :)

Indoor/outdoor rug from Ballard's (on sale - Luv it)!   Am going to play with different ways to place it in the room.  Will post some more pics of entire room later.  My sis, Debbie, said I should have some kind of water never know.... keep checking back often!  Till then..  God Bless.