Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Secluded Garden Office Update

Hi friends,

Thought I would "blog" a little today....well, the sun finally came out today around 1pm.  Hope everyone is safe from all the storms yesterday.   A few more updates of office below.  Almost done.  Just a few more things to do.... will keep you posted.   Have a great day everyone and come back soon.

Comanchee, how did you get in here again?  You are such a ham.

Mr. & Mrs. Hoot before paint.  Found these at WalMart on the sale isle (cheap-cheap) or should I say HOO HOO?
(I know, some days I'm a little "spacey" should I say?  :) :) :)  This is so much fun.

Birdcage from Ross before paint (was an olive green color)

Getting ready to spray paint antique gold (Valspar spray paint)

After spraying with antique gold paint (will match my little antique gold table it will set on).

Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Hoot after white paint.

Update of Secluded Garden Office.

Mr. & Mrs. Hoot (Mrs. Hoot put Mr. Hoot in the cage - he wasn't very good today)
 Please come back soon and feel free to share my blog with all your friends.

Blessings,  Carol