Thursday, April 5, 2012

Outside Patio Update for Spring

Welcome back!  I promised to post some updated pics after I added a few things to outside back porch.  I tried to use what I had on hand.  The only things I purchased were the panels and black iron candle holder.  I think I did pretty good on the few items  I did purchase.  I still need to buy a new mat for the entrance door.

I purposely did not buy an outside area rug because of several factors:  the porch gets a lot of traffic (like muddy boots, shoes, etc. as we live in the country  and that means tractors, 4-wheelers, lawn mowers, etc.) and also it seems like every leaf, duehickey (I hope this isn't a naughty word) :) or what-ev-er accumulates right here!  So, it's a lot easier to just hose off the concrete to keep it clean.  I really had envisioned in my mind a black area rug with a little cream stripe border - oooh! - would look sooooo good.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Hope you see something to inspire you.  OK Ladies - lemonade is being served on the veranda!  Come on in and sit a while honey!

Added two "pinky" pillows - don't really like them too much - too frilly (they were in my "angel room") ...need to get some outdoor dark pink solid ones or.....maybe black.....hmmm!  The little tables on each side of the swing are black plastic crates we had sitting around - perfect for setting your coffee, tea, or lemonade on and then put a place mat on top.


Here you can see what the panel curtains look like....I really like them.  They are a gauzy material and a little rain and wind does not even hurt them - I know, because we had storms the last couple nights and they were fine.  Purchased them for $9.99 each at W-Mart and they had all colors!!  Whoo-Hoo! I was going to put up a rod, but I'm basically lazy (oops, did I say that?) or maybe I should say, I like to do things the E A S Y way (sounds betta).  I pinned them up with some green push pins I had.  They are still there and the wind was a blowin!  I just put one on each end of the panel and then pulled up and placed one in the middle of each panel and tied them back with jute rope.

Isn't this iron candle holder cute?  Got this for a steal ($5.00) at Big Lots on sale!  I was looking all around the house for PINK!  Pink was hardly nowhere to be found....but, I did find this extra panel I had and folded it for a table runner.

I still can't figure out how to make my lemons turn sideways to look pretty in the pitcher!  I know there is a trick.  I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me :)

Planted petunias (pink & white around boxwood) -this is after the storm.  I think I'm going to spray paint these gray planters with a little black spray paint and add something tall in the center.

Oops!  Left my camera case on the table :(  I am still looking for plates or pics for the iron plate holder on the wall in the background.

Till next time, hope everyone is safe and have a Blessed Easter!

- Carol


"If we but had the eyes to see
God's face in every cloud,
If we but had the ears to hear
  His voice above the crowd,
  If we could feel His gentle touch
  in every springtime breeze
And find a haven in His arms
'neath sheltering, leafy trees,
 If we could just lift up our heart
  like flowers to the sun
And trust His loving promise
  and pray, "Thy will be done,"
We'd find the peace we're seeking,
  the kind no man can give --
The peace that comes from knowing

  He died so we might live!"

                   Helen Steiner Rice