Friday, April 20, 2012


I cut the burlap bag on the right seam and opened it up.

Three flattened paper towel rolls.

I cut the burlap a little wider than paper roll because I wanted a frayed edge.  The only thing is, I didn't originally cover the back of the roll - Not Good - you could see it in the mirror.  I would suggest doubling the length of the burlap so you can cover front and turn over and wrap around the back and then hot glue together.  Then you need to run a bead of hot glue under the burlap on each side and press down.

Place covered rolls into letter shape and then hot glue together.  I like to do this instead of stapling so you cant see staples.  You may have to trim the bottom of letter, etc. if you need to with scissors.

Fold  doily in half and roll into one long piece.  Hold the bottom and then spread apart into "petals". Secure back with touch of hot glue.

I can't wait to do one for summer!!  Think of the possibilities.