Friday, April 20, 2012

Hi there!  Finally, I am back on the internet!  I have been without it and my home phone for about 2 weeks!!! Uggg! I was really in withdrawal.  I have been a little  busy and updated front entry way table for Spring.  I have also been wanting to create an "initial" for the front of the mirror, which I attempted.  Thought it turned out pretty good for my first try and learned a lot.  Now, I want to do more!  I have a few things in mind for Summer!!

"N" made with paper towel rolls and covered with burlap.  White rose made with crocheted doily.  Cost = $ 0.00 !  Used what I had on hand. 

Just hang with jute twine.

Will post tutorial later. Having problems uploading pics.  Please check back tomorrow.  I had some burlap feed sacks on hand which I purchased from a local Tractor Supply a few months ago for $2.00 a piece.   Basically, cut out strips of burlap and hot glue to front and back of the flattened paper towel roll.  The "rose" is a crocheted doily I had on hand.  Just fold it in half and then keep rolling into one long piece.  Then hot glue the back piece so it will hold.  Spread out each fold until it looks like a flower.  Very easy.  Then hot glue the flower to the corner of initial.  If you have a curved "initial" - you still can do this, but will take a little more work ( cutting arcs) - but it can be done.
See you later and hope you have a great day.  ($0000 Cost - Whoo-Hoo!)

                                                                           -  C a r o l