Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summertime Decor

Hi everyone!  I am so glad you stopped by today (kind of a blaa day) and hope all of you are doing well.  I have been trying to get ready for a trip to the's always calling me...... take me away...take me away.... (as the song goes) :)    Thought I would share some of my Summer decor that I did last year with you.  Here comes the aqua color again...soothing and comforting.   I am always inspired by all my blogger friends.   Check back soon, as I will post some new Summer decor when we return from the ocean.  I collect most of my sand from Myrtle Beach, Destin and others when I get the chance to go.  I also collect sea shells whenever I can (all hold so many dear memories).  Please let me know if you see something you like or that inspires you.  I love hearing your comments!

Luv the colors in this plate from Willow House!  My colors Brown and Aqua!

Coffee Table with two of my favorite magazines:  Southern Lady and Ballards Designs.


Click on the pic - maybe you can read the cup.

I would like to leave with you an excerpt of a book I have been reading called, "Book of Prayer" - "A cup of comfort", which I try to read most mornings while enjoying my coffee.  It always seems to start my day out right..... hope it does the same for you.

God, make me brave for life;
oh, braver than this.
Let me straighten after pain, as a
tree straightens after the rain,
Shining and lovely again.
God, make me brave for life;
much braver than this.
As the blown grass lifts, let me rise
From sorrow with quiet eyes,
Knowing Thy way is wise.
God, make me brave, life brings
Such blinding things.
Help me to keep my sight;
Help me to see aright
That out of dark comes light.

"A Light in the Darkness" -"Make Me Brave for Life"

Till then, many blessings,   Carol