Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome to our new Beach House!

 Happy Thursday Everyone!  It's a very hot day here in the South, so thought I would share some new Summer decorating pics with you.  By the way, I would like to show you our new Beach House we bought at Myrtle Beach.....soooo darling!
 I have been busy working on some new curtains for our sun porch (here at the house).  Going back and forth, etc. etc., but I think I finally have a plan.  Will post as soon as I get some ribbon and hanging hooks I need. 


Added ivy greenery and starfish to our "N" initial for a new summer look.

Summer Entryway.

Found these two lighthouses at Myrtle Beach for a steal. 

Aqua accents in Living Room

These are the "little jewel" sea shells I collected from Myrtle Beach on the day the tropical storm came into shore.  They are very unique and I was very surprised. (Click to enlarge)

Summer vignette on the fireplace hearth.  Sorry, I know the top lantern is crooked.....ugh... will tend to that .....also bought this beautiful, large sea shell. I though it was awesome and I can hear the waves whenever I want to.

 One last look at "Our Beach House"

Hope you see something to inspire you or just to make you feel better.  I would love hearing any comments from you.  Do you have a passion for the sea?  Let me know.... I know I'm not alone.

Till then,  Many Blessings,


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Myrtle Beach, SC Vacation

Well hello everyone!  Hope you are OK and doing well.  We are back from our vacation and had a wonderful time at Myrtle Beach, visiting relatives and staying a couple days with family in the mountains of North Carolina.  We could see Mt. Mitchell from the front awe inspiring and relaxing.  The only thing was that I developed an acute sinus infection while away and felt miserable most of the time....ugh!!  2 doctor visits, etc. But, God is good.  He gave us wonderful weather and a safe trip.   I am still recovering from all the meds, etc. (just keeps hanging on), so I am behind on posts.

Here are a few pics of the "crystal sea" at Myrtle Beach, S.C, it never changes; always gorgeous, windy, salty and the waves are soooo relaxing.    One day, that tropical storm came in a little and the sea gave up some of her prettiest sea shells....I'll take a pic and post later.  I have also done a little summer decorating that I will be able to share with you.

Hope you enjoy.  Click on the pics to enlarge.

Now this is what I call a hot tub!