Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome to our new Beach House!

 Happy Thursday Everyone!  It's a very hot day here in the South, so thought I would share some new Summer decorating pics with you.  By the way, I would like to show you our new Beach House we bought at Myrtle Beach.....soooo darling!
 I have been busy working on some new curtains for our sun porch (here at the house).  Going back and forth, etc. etc., but I think I finally have a plan.  Will post as soon as I get some ribbon and hanging hooks I need. 


Added ivy greenery and starfish to our "N" initial for a new summer look.

Summer Entryway.

Found these two lighthouses at Myrtle Beach for a steal. 

Aqua accents in Living Room

These are the "little jewel" sea shells I collected from Myrtle Beach on the day the tropical storm came into shore.  They are very unique and I was very surprised. (Click to enlarge)

Summer vignette on the fireplace hearth.  Sorry, I know the top lantern is crooked.....ugh... will tend to that .....also bought this beautiful, large sea shell. I though it was awesome and I can hear the waves whenever I want to.

 One last look at "Our Beach House"

Hope you see something to inspire you or just to make you feel better.  I would love hearing any comments from you.  Do you have a passion for the sea?  Let me know.... I know I'm not alone.

Till then,  Many Blessings,