Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall 2012

Hi!  Thanks for coming by... it's a rainy day here today in the thought I would post a little Fall decorations I did this year.  It is getting a little cooler and I am so ready for that Fall air -  it just exhilarates me (which I think we could use after the long, hot summer).  Hope you enjoy.

Munchy,  how'd you get in here again?  ....... You can see how excited he is.... "yeaaah,  looks real good Mom (don't wake me up)"  :(

This cake plate filled with faux pumpkins, gourds and berries and leaves.   Dressed it up with a little burlap ruffle I made which is   very easy - I will post tutorial later - check back.  Just turn the cake cover upside down and fill up completely with decor items -then take the bottom of cake plate stand (turn over
and set on top - hold together tightly and carefully turn over - wha-la!  

Started this centerpiece by wrapping jute string to the base of this glass container and added a battery operated candle inside. (Just love these candles, especially for me...I have been known to forget to blow them out sometimes lately) :(    Placed leaves around candle and tied with the jute.   The jute is held by a bit of hot glue at the beginning of wrapping (at the bottom) and a little when finishing the wrapping.  Keeping it tight and tapped down is the key.  This centerpiece evolves over time....see below.

A little touch of harvest for the hearth.

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I don't know about you, but I am soooooo Traditional and I have a hard time with placing things sometimes.  Everything I do usually has to be exactly
even on each side (which I love),  but, I am trying to change that up a little bit here.  What da ya think?

Fall entryway.  Still have to get my pumpkin for the white urn.  Will post when I can find one.  What do you think,  a brown lit up pumpkin or a real one in orange, tan,  black????


Mrs. Hoot - (She flies around everywhere!)  Check back later  to see her and Mr. Hoot's hat.

Umbrella stand wrapped with burlap bag for entryway.

Remember the jute wrapped centerpiece from above?  Placed it on a wooden stand, wrapped a leaf/berry garland  around ( start at the bottom and just pull it up and round to the top and tuck inside).  Couldn't resist adding another burlap ruffle.

Happy Harvest Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Also, just wanted to say hello to my sister, Debbie, who has not been feeling well.  Get well soon!!  Love you bunches!

Please leave any comments you may have - I love to hear from you.

Till then,  God Bless!

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