Saturday, October 27, 2012

Re-decorated Bath

Was very excited today to receive photos of my sister's newly decorated bathroom. Her hubby did most of the hard work and she was the awesome "decorator".  Great Job to both of you!  I just love the colors, they are very serene and comforting.

Love the candlestick accent!

Humming birds - my favorite!

Added new cabinet above toilet for more storage. I love the detail on the shower curtain and the trim at the bottom and top!

This print is a beautiful touch to pull in all the colors!

Oh!  I see one of my Fleur-de-lis soaps.

Great job you two!!  Wow, what a little work can do....did I say that? ....I meant a LOT of work! :)  Thanks for sharing.

Til Then,  Blessings!