Monday, December 31, 2012


Grab your coffee and come on in!   To celebrate my 1st Year Blogging Anniversary, I will be having my very first "GIVEAWAY"!  All you need to do for a chance to win is to "join this site" (just click on "join this site" located about the middle of this page) and leave a comment (along with your email address at the bottom of this post) on how, what event and what kind of drink you would use this item for.   I am thinking: summer and fall get togethers.  Please email me if you have any difficulties signing in. The winner will be drawn on February 1, 2013 by random drawing.  Good Luck!

I will be having "Giveaways" every few months.   Next time, I plan to giveaway some of the
 "Ooh-La-La"  Natural, Vegetable Glycerin Spa Soaps that I make, so check back often and Good Luck!

New, Better Homes & Garden 1 gal. Drink Dispenser with chalkboard label area. 

Do you have all your Christmas decorations down yet?   I finally have all the Christmas trimmings and decorations down - except the tree which hubby has to bag and find a new place for. Phew!   Now, I just have to clean.-UUUGH!!..:( :(   I really wish I had a Fairy Godmother to make everything spic-n-span and all I had to do was decorate.  As my Fairy Godmother hasn't come around yet...(if you see her, please send her my way), I guess it looks like I will have to make the effort.   But, don't you like how everything looks afterwards, so, clean, fresh and pretty at least for a week or two maybe?  Reminder: next year use gift cards for Housekeeper!  What a nice way to start the new year.

I am celebrating my one year "Bloganniversary" on January 4, 3013.  It's been a long road, but an enjoyable one for this newbie.  I can't believe it's been a whole year already.  I have had such fun blogging and finding new, amazing blogs I never knew where out there. Still have soooo much to learn.   I want to thank all my friends and followers for your support and for stopping by to visit.

To start the new year, I've given my blog (FTD) Favorite Things Decor a new color and will be working on some other new additions.  I need some new, refreshing colors occasionally don't you?  Well, the natural colors (browns, tans, creams, etc.) are always a favorite of mine along with the blue's and aqua's.  (I think I used to be a mermaid) :) :)    I  also will be adding a list of all the new decorating blog's I am following which are awesome!

(GIVEAWAY)  Sitting on some antique books.

Sitting on a black iron pedestal (not inluded)

I took this picture that was in one of my catalogs.  Doesn't it look great sitting on top of the clay pottery?
Original retail price $59.99  (Pic does not do it justice)

Well,  I better leave well enough alone, blogger is not cooperating very well with me today.  I will post some more soon. Hurry and "join me" and don't forget to leave your comment and email address!  Good Luck!
Til Then,
Blessings, Carol