Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas 2012 Williamsburg Apple Tree

Hi! Here I am again.  Come on in!  I will be posting 2012 Christmas Decor this coming week.  The first thing I did this year was to make a "Apple Tree".  I found the inspiration and directions from Susan's blog at "Between Naps On The Porch", who does a wonderful job.  I wish I could take pictures like she does.  Well, here goes.

I first asked by husband if he could make me the wooden cone shaped base.  He didn't answer me right away (he was thinking), but he loves a challenge.  It did take him quite a while to finish the base as he used a pine log and had to shape it and then place the nails in.  That was the hardest part - Whew -not me....him!  

This was after three rows of large apples.  I think next year, we will cut about 4" off the top, it was a little bit higher than what we planned, but thought it worked out well.  Just push the apples onto the nails and stagger each row.

View from top.

Wha-la!  It took 4 rows of apples.  Three rows of large and one row of small at the top. Then a pretty pineapple is centered on top.  Fill in between apples with some small greenery from your yard.  I used boxwood around the base of the pineapple and the bottom was covered by just placing pine branches and other greenery around the base.  I have had this up for about one week and the aroma is wonderful when you pass by (apples, pineapple and pine).  I will have to replace some of the greenery poked in between the apples as they are wilting a little due to the heat being on.  I just love it though.  It took three bags of apples.  Next year, will only take about 2 bags of apples as we will shorten it.  I believe this base was about 15" tall and then you have to add the pineapple on top. 

 If you would like a step by step tutorial, please go to "Between Naps On The Porch'' where Susan does a great job.  Thanks Susan!

Till then,
Many Blessings,