Friday, January 25, 2013

Hearts & Flowers for Valentine's Day

  Hello there! Come on in and sit a while.  It's another dreary day here in Texas, but a nice temperature, so I'm not complaining.   I'm not doing very much decorating for Valentine's Day this year, but am concentrating on Mardi Gras decor for a change.

 I did find some previous Valentine's Day photo's from 2008 (5 years ago -wow-za!!), and thought I would share with you.   Used some plastic red and white plates and pretty red paper heart doiles from Dollar Tree - just wanted to use what I had on hand.  (I love thrifty decor)!  Maybe these photos will inspire us.  :)

 You never know, I still may get the "itch" and decided to do a small table for Valentine's Day.  I hope the "bug" bites!   I was thinking about doing a little vignette in my guest bedroom, nicknamed the "Angel Room" by my grandchildren. 

  Yes, as you can probably guess, lots of pink and white, roses, lace, romantic decor and Angels galore! Check back to see if I come up with something.

Til Then,
Hope you enjoy and many blessings!
P.S.   I would love to hear your comments!