Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mardi Gras Entry

Hi everyone!  I'm glad you stopped by.  My New Year resolution is to learn photography.  I didn't realize how important it is in blogging, but I am determined.  Anyone else have a New Year resolution?

Just to show you I haven't been too lazy lately, wanted to share with you a few little updates I did to spruce up the house a bit for the new year in the Entryway and Dining Room.  Found this perfect rug for entryway at Ross that coordinates with all my animal decor (I just do this in the entry....don't ask me why....just luv it)!  The only problem is...our Yorkie thinks it's his new bed!  (He has an animal print bed out on the porch)  Can't blame him though, it is comfy.

This shade matches the rug perfectly (the shade is faded a little, but will do for now). After all, I believe it's 5 years older or more (but it still looks nice).
 Don't you just love these Mardi Gras colors!

Sorry, for the bad pic.  I am trying to learn about photography and lighting, because I know absolutely nothing! I know, it's all in the lighting.  Yes, and I am learning by trial and error.  I just use my digital Nikon Coolpix which takes pretty good pictures, but I really need a new camera hubby! lol (Maybe for Birthday or Christmas??)

This pic is a little better isn't it?.  I'm learning.  Opened the door and used natural light. Click on the pic to enlarge.

Zebby in the spotlight.

L.R. with a little Mardi Gras decor on the mantle.  These pillows are going to be covered (eventually).  Check back to see what I come up with.  
Dining Room/ L.R.  is one large room.

Made this new centerpiece for the Dining Room Table.  

I will try to post the kitchen updates in a few days.  Incorporating blue & white decor touches throughout the house (accessories, dishes, pillows)  Hey, that gives me an idea....what about new pillow covers (White or cream/tan background with blue & white vases)  I think I have seen these on "The Enchanted Home" ??  Hummm.

Til then,  don't forget to join my site and leave a comment at the bottom of the "1st Yr. Anniversary Blog Post" to have a chance to win the beautiful drink dispenser!!  Look at the post for more details.  

And again, I do apologize for the fuzzy pictures, I promise I will do better!