Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Master Bedroom Update

Hey Everyone!  Bring a cup of your favorite hot tea and come on in, glad you stopped by. I hope everyone is staying warm!  Here in Texas it is a cold, dreary, boring, day.  What a day for blogging in my Secluded Garden Office where I can enjoy springtime touches, cool colors and I must say, quiet relaxation.  If you haven't seen it yet, just click on the post "Secluded Garden Office".  I think we all can use a place to hibernate sometimes don't you?

It recently dawned on me, that I have never shared our Master Bedroom with you.  I haven't done anything to it for quite a while though because I really enjoy these soothing colors.  Again, you can see how much the ocean, the blues and whites softly enter into my style.

The picture above the bed has two Victorian ladies dressed in their finest white dresses, walking on the beach at sunset. It reminds me of sweet memories with my angel of a sister, Debbie, and our wonderful trips to the ocean.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.   Here is the "The Good".  This chaise lounge is a favorite of mine which I have had for a long time.  It was originally a mauve color (that tells you how old), when I purchased it and I made slipcovers for it a few years back. Made my own pattern which I still don't believe; I am definitely not a seamstress.  I am going to tell you a secret....shhhh......, I still haven't made the skirt for the chair. Ugh!  I just keep looking at it and it keeps saying, "cover me.....cover me) poor thing!  Maybe I will this year.  I have a little problem finishing things sometimes, do you?  :( :(   Will let you know, miracles do happen!  OK, I'll show you a little of the bad - I warn you, it's not pretty.
The Bad.  (No!  Comanchee really was not really bad, just taking his nap) - He is so much like Momma, likes his naps!
The Ugly. Oh my!   :( :(

Opposite left wall of the bed is a very large blank area.  I am looking at a mirror in Ballards' that I might have to get as it is on sale now I believe.   The wall keeps calling to me - mirror, mirror, mirror, on the wall....lol.  How did those candles get off center?  Must fix.

Thinking of adding some small white embossed plates on that small wall??

Blue & white tea set from Mr. N.

This space is really calling for an electric fireplace don't you think??

Well, if I can just finish my chair, get the mirror and maybe the fireplace, this space will be pretty well finished, that is, if I don't decide to change the bedding this summer (you never know)..... I am really leaning towards the aqua and browns - hmmmmm.

Til Then,
  Have a blessed day and keep warm!  Don't forget to join my site and leave your comment on "my 1st Blogging Anniversary post" to win the FREE Drink Dispenser - it's great!  Drawing will be on Feb. 1st!  Hurry. Hurry.