Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mountains Majesty

Hi everyone!  Hope you are having a great day.  Do you like the mountains?  I really like them, especially in the Summertime so you can cool off.  These are photos taken last year in the mountains of North Carolina.  We were visiting family who live at the bottom of Mt. Mitchell.  We enjoyed every minute of it.  Click on the photos to really appreciate the views.

At the top of Mount Mitchell.

We had lunch here on top of the mountain.

Doesn't this look like a painting?  Look at all the beautiful colors.

God blessed us with amazing weather while we were here.  Hope you enjoy.

'Til Then,

Many blessings,  Carol

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hey Everyone!  I'm back.   Haven't posted for a while....a little under the weather.    I think all the pollen did me in.  But thank God,  I am feeling some better today and as promised, wanted to share a "Lighthouse Tour" with you.  One of my "Favorite Things" and I just love them, don't you?  They have such character and presence, not to mention the safety they provide for all those beautiful ships out there.  (I think I should have been a pirate)... I think all these sinus meds are beginning to affect me :)
The shores here at the Outer Banks are beautiful, but can be very rough (I'll tell you a story about that later) and pirates wrecked many a ship out here matey!  That's why one place here is called "Kill Devil's Hills".  Here we go........coming?

These are a couple of lighthouses we visited while vacationing at the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  What a great trip!  Have you been there?

Cape Hatteras Light House - Do you believe this "young" (not) woman climbed to the top??  Mr. "N" talked me into it.....why do I always listen to him???   It was an amazing experience, but would have been better when I was a little LOTS! younger you might say. :) 

At the entrance.....Yo-Ho Matey....I'mmm not going!  I think it was 70-something stairs?
Just the beginning!  I looked inside and said,  " OK,  let's go to the top of the first flight".   Mr. N said, "They have resting areas at the top of each flight of stairs"...hummmm.  

View of inside and all those stairs!   Mr. "N"said,
"You can do it" - Yeah, right.
Me - Only have way up!  Not Very Pretty!! :( :(  "I hope they have paramedics in here)! Where's the chairs? Where's the water?

Mr. "N" and I at the top - Woo-Hoo, I made it!!  I had to get this picture, so everyone would believe I did it :)  Did I mention that we stayed up there all day?  I really wanted to sleep up there, but they wouldn't let me :(   My mind kept saying...."Do I really have to go down"????  Where's the elevator????

Amazing views from the top.  See the concrete pad closer to shore (about center of photo)?  That's where this lighthouse used to stand.  They actually moved it to this locality due to shore erosion.  Amazing!

View from the top.

Below:  One more Lighthouse we visited on Ocracoke Island.

You couldn't climb this one....oh, what a pity! :) :)   We had to take the ferry over to this island. The ferry was so much fun with all the seagulls following!   All in all, it was a wonderful adventure. stairs and all.  

Do you like lighthouses?  

Hope everyone has a great day and many blessings to you!  Come back soon.  I plan to do a "Mountain's Majesty" Tour soon.

'Til Then,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Little Bit of Tuscany

Hey Everyone!   Hope your day is going well.  It's a little dreary here today, so thought I would share a little Tuscan Kitchen Vignette I put together that was inspired by Marty at "A Stroll Thru Life'"..thanks for the inspiration Marty!

I really needed a small lamp here and didn't have one I liked.
So, I was thinking Tuscany, grapes, etc., and found this bottle of Elderberry wine on hand that was a gift.    I was scouring around the house and spied this little chandelier shade.  I copied the print from a French script rug in my office with a red marker.   To my delight, the shade prongs fit on top of the wine bottle nicely. 

Then, I thought an l.e.d. tea light placed inside the wire prongs of the shade (light facing up) would provide a soft glow and wha-la!,  a perfect lamp for this vignette.  I used double sided tape to secure the shade, (if you decide to use the l.e.d. tea light) to the top of the bottle.  I'm thinking, it probably would adhere better with a glue dot.  I was going to print out a French graphic label for the wine bottle, but my black ink died in the printer today- Ugh!
(See photos below)

Precious little Italian boy working in the grape vineyard.  Looks like he's bringing some home for supper.

Well friends, my computer is not cooperating with me today which is probably due to the storms in the area, so I am letting well enough alone for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.  (Please forgive any grammar discrepancies - my brain works some days and you know....:( :(

Joining Marty @http://www.astrollthrulife.net/ for "Inspire Me Tuesday".

'Til Then,

Many Blessings,

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring On The Back Porch Revisit

Hi Friends!  So glad you stopped by.  Since I can't do very much due to a bad leg, I thought I would share some pictures of last Spring out on the back porch.   I am getting some better, but pray I'll be back to one of my favorite things soon....decorating :)))

These photos were taken around the middle of April, I believe last year.  The grass and trees were a beautiful site to behold with their newly, fresh, lime green colors.

What a day for lemonade, reading a good book, dreaming on the back porch and "Just a Swinging" on the swing!

 Used a curtain panel (that matches my comforter in "The
Angel Room" folded for a table runner.  I plan to share "The Angel Room" as soon as I can get around!

Lime Green and Pink: A Favorite Thing!   These little stemmed glasses are from the"Libby Glass" Outlet in Shreveport, La. for $.99/ea.  They make such pretty votives and great juice glasses.

 Planted petunias around the box wood shrub.  They really looked nice a few weeks later when they filled out and started overflowing.

I hope to redo this porch this year if I can..we have added a new ceiling fan and some other things.  Come back soon.

I did eventually add two plates to the empty plate rack on the back wall...one in lime green and one in pink!

Wishing all of you a Happy Spring!

I am joining Debra @http://www.commonground-do.com/ -for "Be Inspired Friday" - come on over and party with us.

'Til Then,

Many Blessings,

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ocean Dreaming

Hi Friends!

This is what I have been doing lately (not much, phlebitis in my left leg).....dreaming of the ocean.  It always calls
me around this time of year (I think I'm part turtle or something) :)  I can almost feel the warm sunshine on my body and breathe in the salty air....aaaah!

We may go on an RV trip in May or June to the ocean...depending on how our old bodies are holding up :(   I hope we do get to go.  I was thinking of Gulf Shores, Alabama and then on to Jacksonville, Florida and North Carolina....maybe Maryland.  God willing, we both will be feeling better. 

Where are you vacationing this year?  Going to the beach?  Let me know if you have vacationed at any great places on the ocean/beach (RV resorts/campgrounds or Condos).

Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC

Outer Banks, NC

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach

Outer Banks, NC

Can you picture yourself here??  I feel better just looking at the photos don't you?

Hope you have a wonderful day.  Will do a post on Lighthouses soon, come on back!

'Til Then,

Many Blessings,