Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Little Bit of Tuscany

Hey Everyone!   Hope your day is going well.  It's a little dreary here today, so thought I would share a little Tuscan Kitchen Vignette I put together that was inspired by Marty at "A Stroll Thru Life'"..thanks for the inspiration Marty!

I really needed a small lamp here and didn't have one I liked.
So, I was thinking Tuscany, grapes, etc., and found this bottle of Elderberry wine on hand that was a gift.    I was scouring around the house and spied this little chandelier shade.  I copied the print from a French script rug in my office with a red marker.   To my delight, the shade prongs fit on top of the wine bottle nicely. 

Then, I thought an l.e.d. tea light placed inside the wire prongs of the shade (light facing up) would provide a soft glow and wha-la!,  a perfect lamp for this vignette.  I used double sided tape to secure the shade, (if you decide to use the l.e.d. tea light) to the top of the bottle.  I'm thinking, it probably would adhere better with a glue dot.  I was going to print out a French graphic label for the wine bottle, but my black ink died in the printer today- Ugh!
(See photos below)

Precious little Italian boy working in the grape vineyard.  Looks like he's bringing some home for supper.

Well friends, my computer is not cooperating with me today which is probably due to the storms in the area, so I am letting well enough alone for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.  (Please forgive any grammar discrepancies - my brain works some days and you know....:( :(

Joining Marty @ for "Inspire Me Tuesday".

'Til Then,

Many Blessings,