Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hey Everyone!  I'm back.   Haven't posted for a while....a little under the weather.    I think all the pollen did me in.  But thank God,  I am feeling some better today and as promised, wanted to share a "Lighthouse Tour" with you.  One of my "Favorite Things" and I just love them, don't you?  They have such character and presence, not to mention the safety they provide for all those beautiful ships out there.  (I think I should have been a pirate)... I think all these sinus meds are beginning to affect me :)
The shores here at the Outer Banks are beautiful, but can be very rough (I'll tell you a story about that later) and pirates wrecked many a ship out here matey!  That's why one place here is called "Kill Devil's Hills".  Here we go........coming?

These are a couple of lighthouses we visited while vacationing at the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  What a great trip!  Have you been there?

Cape Hatteras Light House - Do you believe this "young" (not) woman climbed to the top??  Mr. "N" talked me into it.....why do I always listen to him???   It was an amazing experience, but would have been better when I was a little LOTS! younger you might say. :) 

At the entrance.....Yo-Ho Matey....I'mmm not going!  I think it was 70-something stairs?
Just the beginning!  I looked inside and said,  " OK,  let's go to the top of the first flight".   Mr. N said, "They have resting areas at the top of each flight of stairs"...hummmm.  

View of inside and all those stairs!   Mr. "N"said,
"You can do it" - Yeah, right.
Me - Only have way up!  Not Very Pretty!! :( :(  "I hope they have paramedics in here)! Where's the chairs? Where's the water?

Mr. "N" and I at the top - Woo-Hoo, I made it!!  I had to get this picture, so everyone would believe I did it :)  Did I mention that we stayed up there all day?  I really wanted to sleep up there, but they wouldn't let me :(   My mind kept saying...."Do I really have to go down"????  Where's the elevator????

Amazing views from the top.  See the concrete pad closer to shore (about center of photo)?  That's where this lighthouse used to stand.  They actually moved it to this locality due to shore erosion.  Amazing!

View from the top.

Below:  One more Lighthouse we visited on Ocracoke Island.

You couldn't climb this one....oh, what a pity! :) :)   We had to take the ferry over to this island. The ferry was so much fun with all the seagulls following!   All in all, it was a wonderful adventure. stairs and all.  

Do you like lighthouses?  

Hope everyone has a great day and many blessings to you!  Come back soon.  I plan to do a "Mountain's Majesty" Tour soon.

'Til Then,