Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day and "Stars Over Texas"

Hi Everyone!  Glad you stopped by.  I was thinking of Mother's Day and my Mom who is with the Angels now and thought, in her honor, I would like to share a work of labor and love she gave to me for my birthday one year before she went to be with the Lord.  
(Kind of goes with my color scheme here, huh?)

"Stars Over Texas"
The quilt is called, "Stars Over Texas". She stitched all her quilts entirely by hand.  On one visit to Texas, she taught me how to quilt and I actually made "squares".  I mean, draw and cut out each piece for your block and then hand stitch them together.  I think I actually made about 7 or 8!  Wow, that was a big accomplishment for me :) - my Mom had so much patience.   Then, after you make all your blocks (not sure how many - maybe 40 or so, depending on the size quilt you want) you hand stitch all the blocks together to make your quilt top.

 I'm sure most of you know how to quilt, but that's a lot of stitches!  Then the backing, padding and top are placed together and then the actual quilting begins. Whew!  No machine here - all done by hand.  Of course, she said, "The smaller the stitch the better".  I really started to get the hang of it (not as good as hers though).

This is the first quilt she ever made.  I'm so proud of it and all the love she and my dad placed in it.  My brothers and sisters are also the recipients of some of her amazing quilts.

Some close ups of quilt squares:

See all those little stitches?  Every time I need to be close to her, I lay on this
quilt and feel those stitches and all the Love!
Along with the quilt she sent me this poem, which I have always treasured.

Here is the poem in case you cannot read it:  (I still need to frame this). I love it more in her own handwriting.

Love isn't Love, 'till it's given away,
So here's "Stars Over Texas" for your Birthday,
T'was a Labor of Love, every stitch
hold a whole lot of memories so dear!
I know you will cherish it year after year,
This quilt is a part of me and Dad too,
he threaded all my needles to help me sew!
                                     Love and Happy Birthday
                                                            To You!
I only wish she would have dated it.  I believe it was in the 1980's.

Hope all you Mom's have a Happy Mother's Day (All the Mom's in heaven too)  -  Love and miss you MOM!

'Til Then,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Coastal Revisit

 Hi everyone!  The weather is so nice here today in East Texas.  Hope your weather is good also, I know it can change drastically.

It's starting to call me:  the ocean, the beach, coastal decor, etc.   How about you?  Are you going a little "Coastal" yet?  I'm not quite ready yet to decorate my home for summer, but in need of some inspiration.  Wanted to share a revisit on some prior Summer coastal decor with you.  Hope it inspires you AND me :) :)

Now, if I can only find my "Summer" decor box. UGH!!   I have looked everywhere and cannot find it. :(  I must have put it in a
 "special place"....but where??  Well, I guess its off again to my "Decor Closet" to check each box again.  I really need to have a clean out day and maybe I'll find it.  Wish me luck.

Dining Room Table Centerpiece (Ahh!  Sea Shells, Sand and Aqua Blue) - Can you smell the salty air?
These little sea shell plaques are from Dollar General.

Beautiful colors of Sea Glass.
Now this really inspires me!!  Are you ready to get that sand between your toes?

Well, hope all of you have a great day. 

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