Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Charleston, S.C. Tour and Road Trip

Hi everyone!  No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth....just came back from a wonderful vacation and road trip.  We started by visiting Gulf Shores, Alabama, at the amazing beach with beautiful white sand.  Then to see family in North Carolina, where we devoured delectable, real, old time, Southern Cooking by Mr. N's two sisters. Last, but not least, Charleston, South Carolina and Isle of Palms Beach...whew!  Long trip with a few setbacks ( we took our R.V. - which we won't dwell on )  :( - but overall a great get-a-way!

Ask me what my favorite was??  We enjoyed everything and especially visiting family, but definitely, Charleston, South Carolina and the Isle of Palms were a jewel.  We stayed in a beautiful campground in Mt. Pleasant and the beach was only 7 miles from there.  I had never been to Historic Charleston and it was so amazing.

Wanted to share some photos of Charleston and all the beautiful homes with those grand columns and to die for porches.  Please excuse some of the photos, I took several from inside the car.

Walking around the "Battery"  - Out in the distance on the water is Fort Sumpter.

Took a few different angles of this home - I just loved it!

This pastel blue color really got my attention.

Driving around the "Battery" (see the cannons on the left?) 

Loved the color of this front door!

These homes were so amazing to see.  I could live here - anywhere - wouldn't you?
And, don't forget, several beaches (Isle of Palms, Folley Beach, etc.) are just minutes away!

Do you receive "Southern Lady Magazine"?
I was really surprised when I returned from vacation and found my new issue.  Guess what was on the cover?  Charleston, S.C.!  I was really surprised.  They also did a few pages on "Isle of Palms"!  I read it from cover to cover.  I think I may have a photo of the House on their cover with the gorgeous porch.  I will look and let you know.  Isn't that a nice coincidence?

Well, glad to be home.  I have to get caught up on things around the know how it is....2 weeks worth of mail, bills, etc. and did I mention - Laundry??  Does it ever end??  Oh well, small price to pay for such a great vacation.  Hope you are having a great summer!

'Til Then,

Many Blessings,