Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summertime Decor Redo

Hey Everyone!  What can I say?   I just have a thing...for the beach.  I moved around some pieces I had from last year and took the picture from my master bath and found it a new home in the living room for a while.  (Click on the pic to enlarge)... I really need a new camera Santa!!

Right side of mantle. (Sorry for the fuzzy picture).

Left side of mantle.


These votives are placed on the right side of the Entryway.  Turned some soy candles I had made in these little stemmed crystal dessert glasses upside down and placed the votive on top.  This aqua color really pops and looks amazing when lit in the evening!
Found this cute little guy at Big Lots the other day.  Picked him up for $5.00!  One of his legs was unattached and I asked them if they would take less (never hurts to ask).  I think it was originally marked down to $8.00 from $12.99.  All I had to do was a little (surgery) hot glue on his foot (he didn't mind at all- although he did fly around a bit! :) :)   He found a nice home on my dining room table right in the center of the magnolia flowers in the white urn (must have had some water in there).  I think I'll dub him "Lefty".

Same photo as the one above, just without the background light.  Which one do you like the best - with or without the background light?

Hope you see something to inspire you and have a wonderful Summer!

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"Til then,

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