Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baker's Rack Decor Designs

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are doing well and keeping cool!  It is a beautiful day here in East Texas.  Wanted to share a few designs for my Bakers Rack in the kitchen for different seasons and holidays.  (Sorry for some of the fuzzy photos; it must have been the photographer-Ugh!)   Come on Christmas, so I can upgrade my camera, hopefully, if I'm a good girl!  Click of the pic to enlarge.


Blue and White




Which one is your favorite?  Love to change up this area a few times a year and it's very easy.   I try to always take pictures, because if your like me, I totally forget what I did last year!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Angel Room Reveal

Hi  everyone!  Glad you stopped by.  Sharing one of our bedrooms today.  My grands call this " The Angel Room".  This is where they sleep when we have them overnight.  We still have an old T.V. in here that they can play old VHS tapes and plug in their Playstation.  This room is very sentimental for me as it holds my Mother and Father's bedroom set.  The photo of the Guardian Angel was my grandmother's.

This pillow is hanging on the wall as you enter the room.

The mirror is an antique given to me by my lovely daughter.

The colors are so soothing - and I think it's time for my nap.
Angels are everywhere (including my Grands)!

"An Angel's Heart is Filled With Love"
I needed a valance at the window.  (Sorry for the bad picture, I still have a lot to learn about taking pictures).   The curtains behind the valance are made from light pink organza that matches the bed skirt and the curtains on each side of the bed.  I had this striped material on hand and it was the perfect width for the window topper.  I folded the material in half and placed it over the rod.  Then all I did was use some light pink yarn to pull up the material on each side and wha'la, no sewing!   

Picture of my Dad on the shelf when he was in the Army WWII , on right).

My grandmother used to have this picture over her bed and I always slept there when we visited.   I just loved it.  It was comforting to realize my Guardian Angel was watching over me.    My mother inherited it and I made my plea for it very early.  It is something I will always treasure and will hand down to one of my children.  Do you have anything that has been handed down from generation to generation?
Beautiful detail in the Organza bed skirt.
Close up of lovely embroidery on the pillows.  (No, sorry to say, I didn't do it) :(

Thanks so much for coming by today.  Do you have a special room in your home?  I would love to hear about it.
Hope everyone is keeping cool and have a great day!

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