Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Secluded Garden Office/Bedroom Update

Hi!  Come on in.  I have something to share with you.
This is the Louis day bed (from Ballards) that I have been longing for ever since we did this room last year.  It just places the finishing touch to this Secluded Garden Room.  Now, I never have to come out of my secluded room! Ahh!  Peace and quiet . :) :)  I can recline, nap or watch my favorite DVD's (Phantom of the Opera, Runaway Bride, Mama Mia, Gone With the Wind,) to name a few, especially when Mr. N is watching Westerns and Boxing :)
  I covered the mattress with a twin sheet set from Better Homes & Garden at Wal-mart.  The sheet set was very nice and silky and only $18.00! Matched the curtains beautifully!  I only used the fitted sheet for now.  When we have guests, I will add the flat sheet and comforter.

 Pillows and throw from Ross.  I hope to get a lot more pillows! 

Other side of room.  

Moved my "desk" over to another corner.  TV is on above left wall.  Now, all I need is a Louis chair...it's fun to have something to look for isn't it?  I need a good deal though, have to stay within my budget.

Initial burlap pillow - Ross

Another view.

Ah Louis Louis, Oh, Oh, Away I Go!  :)  :)   French script rug - Ballards.   I think I luv a little French Decor -We We?

Well, I have to feed Mr. N - better get to cooking!   Mac, Ham and Cheese tonight.  Hope you are  having a great week.

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