Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Family Addition

Hey everyone!  Hope all of you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  I have been very busy lately due to a new addition to our family.  I would like to present...."Casper", our new baby Maltese.  He about 7 weeks old now...oh my, how little.  But he is doing just great.  He is eating and drinking very well.  I really think I need some baby diapers :) :)
I forgot how much time you have to  put in for these babies.  (My back and neck agree - Ugh!)

Where's my brothers and sisters?

What's that bright light?

Play Time


They are just like little babies: eat, play, sleep,

His older brother "Munchie", our little Yorkie, is not a very happy camper.  We have to really make over Munchie so he doesn't feel left out.  I hope they will be able to bond.

Well, have a great Wednesday and many blessings!

'Til then,