Monday, May 12, 2014

Everything Is Coming Up Roses

Hi!  I'm Carol.  I'm so glad you stopped by.... please come on in and smell the roses! 

 Sharing today some photos of the Knock-Out Roses we have in our front flowerbeds.    When we planted these, they were really small. We really wondered if the extreme, west, hot sun that we get in the front of the house would kill them .  We have lived here a long time and have tried a multitude of plants, shrubs, etc., but with no luck - too HOT!.  I was really starting to think of cactus and a rock garden for out there.  But, they are very true to their name.... you can't knock-out these guys.  

  The first photos are when we came back from vacation the end of April before being clipped back.

Clippings from the roses bushes today.  Mr. "N" said, "Better get your pruners, it's time to clip"!

  I really liked them in this large bucket from Southern Lady.   

Once Mr. "N" trims back all the roses, it will take a couple weeks or so before they start blooming again and will continue to bloom  all the way to Christmas here in East Texas.  Sometimes, that presents a small problem decorating for Fall.

  First of all, I would like to give all the credit to our Amazing God for creating such beauty for us to enjoy.  Secondly, to my hard-working hubby.  I definitely do not have a "green thumb",  nor am I a gardener;  hubby does all this.  I'm just the "the harvester".  I do help him a little bit while planting though.  I am the "hand me this and hand me that" person. :) 

This shell shaped container was begging for some roses on kitchen table.  

I will be posting more "rose" photos this week.   Hope you come back and visit soon.

Do you like roses?  What kind do you have?  Would love to hear from you.
Hope everyone has a blessed week.

Til Then,

Many Blessings, Carol