Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Bamboo Flooring

Happy Fall Ya-ll!

Haven't posted for a while....bloggers block, I think. :)   Hope all of you are decorating for Fall and having fun.  

We (should say Hubby and friend Jeff) have been busy installing a new bamboo floor in the LR, DR, Hallway and Master Bedroom.  If you have ever put a floor down with concrete underneath - it makes a lot of grit and grime!  We had tile in the hallway before and Hubby had to hammer the tile and scrape all of it.  My sinuses were not too happy! 

Here are a few photos of new floor.  First time ever doing a bamboo floor.  So far, no problems.  The boards have varied shades of (pecan?) in them, so they go with everything.  We tried three samples before we chose this one.  Click on the pic to enlarge.

Close up of Stranded Bamboo Floor (should have turned of the flash!) :(

Living Room.  Looks much lighter in this shot with the sun coming in. It has no red hues in it, believe me.  As you can see, I've done a little decorating for Fall.  Will post some more later.  The blue wing back chair soon will be replaced with a smaller dark brown or black leather chair (maybe  two facing the fireplace.) What do ya think??  Christmas (I hope).  

Hallway is much happier now.  


Master Bedroom.  Munchie is such a ham!

I will be taking more photos of my Fall decor, so please come back to see what I came up with this year.

Thanks for visiting and as always, I love your comments!

Many Blessings,   Carol