Monday, September 26, 2016

A Little More Fall Please

Hi!  Come on in and sit a while.  I found some
more Fall photos I had done in the past.
Just used the basic decorations I had on hand
and tried different arrangements.  Hope you
see something to inspire you.

Fall Dining Room Table Centerpiece

Dining Room Table Change Up

Simple Fall Setting for D.R.

A Little Bit Of Halloween

Halloween 3 Tier Centerpiece With Ghosts and Black Birds

Changing up Baker's Rack for Fall

"Candy Corn", said the chicks!

Pumpkin Under Glass

Wanted to let you know that our weather here in Texas has finally
starting to cool - ahhhh!  In the high 70's here today and
so nice.  God is Good!

Posting decor from Halloween soon!!

"Softly, softly, floating down,
red and yellow, gold and brown,
fall the Autumn leaves"

I learned this poem in grade school.  Do you know
the poet??

Til then,

Many Blessings,

Tuesday, September 20, 2016



Hi, just sitting here today in East Texas with our nice, 95 degree sunny,
and may I say humid, hot, weather
and welcoming Fall...Please, please, hurry!  I can't
wait for your cool, refreshing breezes and the beautiful changing Autumn colors 
of all the trees and landscapes.  I really have a hard time
decorating for Fall with "Summer" weather and my roses in the
front of the house, but I
know it won't be long.  Hope these photos
from the past will help it along and maybe
you will also see something to inspire you if you haven't
started yet.

I will be posting some more Halloween photos soon, so check back often.

Till then,

   Many Blessings and Happy Fall!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Revisiting Easter Past

Come on in and revisit some Easter and Spring decor from the past.  Hopefully,
this will give us some inspiration for this year!!

I haven't been posting for a while due to a prolonged infection with my
sinuses.  I have had chronic sinusitis for the last 7 years or so, but the last two months have been the worse.  Relapse after relapse.

But,  now I am seeing a wonderful Doctor (Allergist) and receiving monthly shots/meds and starting to feel human again.  I pray that it keeps working.

Well, here we go....... hope you enjoy!

What would Easter be without Bunnies!  I clipped the "Bunny Picture" from
the back page of Southern Lady Magazine (my favorite magazine!) and framed it.  Real limes
were added to the pretty glass decanter and wha-la!

Spring cloche

Springtime in the Secluded Garden Room.  Hint: turn a pedestal
glass or urn over a ceramic bunny and top with a candle.  Add
a little green moss on the bottom if you wish and maybe a little
Easter eggs.

White and green for Springtime decor in the foyer.

I hope these photos inspire you as they have me.  I haven't visited
them for a while and believe it or not, I sometimes forget them.

 Centerpiece I made for a past Spring mantle.

This pretty wreath for the hearth was made from a garland I had
on hand.  I believe those flowers are gardenias.  Forgive me,
I'm a little rusty.

This Spring wreath was very easy to make.  I just
added flowers to the egg shaped twig wreath. Then nestled
the sweet little bird's nest at the bottom and topped
it off with a cute burlap bow for some added texture.

Momma and sweet baby birds.

Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit

Bunnies day picnic!

Mr. Floppsy guarding the eggs.

Hippy and Hoppy

That's all for now.  I hope you see something that inspires you.
I am decorating with some blue and white for 2016 Spring decor. 
Hope you will check back soon.

Many blessings,