Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Revisiting Easter Past

Come on in and revisit some Easter and Spring decor from the past.  Hopefully,
this will give us some inspiration for this year!!

I haven't been posting for a while due to a prolonged infection with my
sinuses.  I have had chronic sinusitis for the last 7 years or so, but the last two months have been the worse.  Relapse after relapse.

But,  now I am seeing a wonderful Doctor (Allergist) and receiving monthly shots/meds and starting to feel human again.  I pray that it keeps working.

Well, here we go....... hope you enjoy!

What would Easter be without Bunnies!  I clipped the "Bunny Picture" from
the back page of Southern Lady Magazine (my favorite magazine!) and framed it.  Real limes
were added to the pretty glass decanter and wha-la!

Spring cloche

Springtime in the Secluded Garden Room.  Hint: turn a pedestal
glass or urn over a ceramic bunny and top with a candle.  Add
a little green moss on the bottom if you wish and maybe a little
Easter eggs.

White and green for Springtime decor in the foyer.

I hope these photos inspire you as they have me.  I haven't visited
them for a while and believe it or not, I sometimes forget them.

 Centerpiece I made for a past Spring mantle.

This pretty wreath for the hearth was made from a garland I had
on hand.  I believe those flowers are gardenias.  Forgive me,
I'm a little rusty.

This Spring wreath was very easy to make.  I just
added flowers to the egg shaped twig wreath. Then nestled
the sweet little bird's nest at the bottom and topped
it off with a cute burlap bow for some added texture.

Momma and sweet baby birds.

Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit

Bunnies day picnic!

Mr. Floppsy guarding the eggs.

Hippy and Hoppy

That's all for now.  I hope you see something that inspires you.
I am decorating with some blue and white for 2016 Spring decor. 
Hope you will check back soon.

Many blessings,